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FULL-TIME POSITION,  Monday through Friday




Microscopically examine and interpret the presence or absence of malignancies, early signs of cancer and other diseases on gynecologic and non-gynecologic cell samples.




  • Examine and interpret slides from gynecologic or non-gynecologic cell samples by differentiating normal, atypical, and malignant cell types and changes with the aid of an Imager/routine microscope.


  • Recognize infection, inflammation, cellular abnormalities, and specific cellular patterns from the various body sites submitted.


  • Report final microscopic interpretations for all gynecological cell samples that are within normal limits using the established protocol for analysis and quality control as described in the laboratory’s Procedure and Quality Management Manuals.


  • Forward all abnormal gynecologic and all non-gynecologic cell samples to the Pathologist for final sign-out.


  • Maintain current state licensure as defined in a timely fashion.

  • Consult with physicians, nurses, pathologists, and/or other laboratory personnel as necessary in regard to evaluating and interpreting patient’s results and specimen handling procedures.



  • Bachelor ‘s degree, plus successful completion of an accredited and approved School of Cytotechnology or Bachelor of Science in Cytotechnology
  • ASCP Cytotechnology Board of Registry certificate
  • Current applicable state license

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